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Our Care Services & Support

Ranfurly Hospital adopts a holistic model of care and support to meet individual resident needs in a dignified, respectful and culturally inclusive manner - enabling independence in a residence that supports their lifestyle. We provide high-quality nursing, residential and respite care, with a focus on the overall health, wellbeing, and interests of our residents. We want to provide a quality of life that allows people to maintain their freedom with a high standard of living.

Our Registered Nurses, Health Care Assistants with the additional support of the Clinical Nurse Manager and Health Services Manager, provide 24-hour nursing care ensuring round-the-clock comfort, wellbeing and safety of our residents. 


Innovation in Care

Ranfurly Hospital’s holistic approach adopts innovative care modalities and technology that discreetly yet dynamically enhance our residents’ wellbeing. Providing a truly comprehensive and unique care offering including but not limited to;​

  • Cognitive Stimulation Therapy by our professional and certified team to improve and support our resident’s memory, mood and quality of life.​
  • Hydrotherapy​
  • Rendever Virtual Reality Wellness Programme​
  • Tovertafel Interactive Activity Programme​
  • Clinical Aromatherapy​
  • Extensive and engaging activity programmes and amenity to support resident wellbeing through music, pet and touch therapy. ​
  • In addition, personalised programmes created by our in-house physiotherapist.​

This diverse approach has demonstrated significant results in the wellbeing of residents.


Rendever is a groundbreaking virtual reality [VR] platform specifically designed for senior living to increase the feeling of "thriving" within a community, fostering personal connections and delivering new experiences.​

Residents can revisit meaningful places, share stories, stay engaged with family members and experience unforgettable moments. The VR experience is incredibly powerful, particularly among older adults experiencing cognitive decline, impaired vision or mobility restrictions. International research has strongly demonstrated Rendevers positive impact on mental health with a significant decrease in social isolation and depression scores.​

Generus Living Group is the first to introduce Rendever in New Zealand in all of its Care Centres.


A pool within a village setting is a luxury amenity and we are fortunate that the Ranfurly Village has fantastic aquatic facilities. ​

​We have introduced hydrotherapy in our care programme and a number of Ranfurly Hospital residents are partaking in this programme.​

Hydrotherapy provides a safe and effective environment for exercise and rehabilitation for our residents, helping to reduce pain, improve mobility and increase general wellbeing.


Tovertafel is an innovative tool to support cognitive decline. Also known as the magic table - designed to be beneficial for those with mid to late-stage dementia, residents interact with the animated lights, using their hands to play games such as jigsaws and memory games, which improves engagement; interaction; physical, social and cognitive activity; along with self-esteem and confidence.​

Nordic Relaxing Chair​

Wellness Nordic Relax Chair provides a further tool to address the individual care needs of our residents. The fully automated Wellness Nordic Relax Chair combines music, tactile stimulation and a rocking motion to offer a unique and calming multi-sensory experience.




Uniquely Ranfurly Hospital offers clinical aromatherapy. A proven therapy for symptom management for pain, nausea, general wellbeing, anxiety, depression, stress, and insomnia. ​

Aromatherapy uses sense of smell to trigger memory - an aromatic hand massage can access all of the meridians in the body, acting on internal organs. The results are easily discernible with residents’ displaying reduced anxiety and stress levels, all in a natural and easily deliverable way. Aromatherapy also allows to bring nature inside for the more acute patients with the smells triggering memories as if you are walking through a rose garden or a field of lavender.​


At Ranfurly, we encourage a physically active and mentally stimulating lifestyle and strong social engagement to create a sense of purpose and meaning in a supportive environment.​

A comprehensive activities and entertainment programme is developed and run by our Activities Coordinator and Diversional Therapists, with  an input from our Physiotherapist.​

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