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The Seven Steps to take to access long term care at Ranfurly

Step 1 - Arrange an Assessment

Before you can enter long term residential care you will need to arrange to have your care needs assessed by your local Needs Assessment Service Coordination (NASC).  You can arrange this yourself by phoning your local hospital and asking to speak to the Needs Assessment Service Coordination service or you can have someone else arrange this on your behalf.

Local NASC contacts:

Auckland: 09 631 1234
Counties Manukau: 09 276 0040
Waitemata: 09 486 8945

Step 2 - NASC Assessment

The NASC are the only people who can authorise admission to long term residential care that may qualify for a government subsidy.  If you are assessed as needing long term care ask your Assessor for the "Residential Care Subsidy Application Form" and copy of the "Needs Assessment Certificate".

Step 3 - Apply for Residential Care Subsidy

Complete the "Residential Care Subsidy Application Form" and send to the WINZ Residential Care Unit in Whangarei.  WINZ will then complete a financial means assessment and work out how much, if any, you may have to contribute to the cost of your care.  It is important to get this form away promptly.  Any subsidy you may be eligible for can only be backdated up to 90 days from receipt of the application form by the WINZ office in Whangarei.  If you delay in sending the form away you may have to pay for any care costs not yet covered by the subsidy.

WINZ Residential Care Unit can be contacted on 0800 999 727.
For detailed information on the Residential Care Subsidy visit the Work and Income website.

Step 4 - Short list Care Facilities to visit

You can find rest homes in your area from a number of sources:

Step 5 - How do you choose?

"If it feels right it probably is right".  Have a walk around, talk with residents and staff.  Download a copy of the Consumer New Zealand Rest Homes Check List which you may want to complete for each facility you visit.  Once you have decided on a rest home ask to see the "Admission Agreement".

Step 6 - The Admission Agreement

At Ranfurly, the Admission Agreement must be completed prior to admission as it sets out the responsibilities of the provider and the resident.  The Facility Manager will go over this with you.  We recommend you have someone else such as a relative, Power of Attorney or lawyer review this document with you before you sign it.

Step 7 - Queries, Compliments or Concerns

We may not always get it just right.  If you have any concerns please bring them to the attention of the Facility Manager.  If we know about it, we will make every effort to fix it.  If you are not happy with the response you have been given, you have the right to contact the Ministry of Health or the Health and Disability Commission for advice and support.

Ministry of Health 0800 113 813
Health and Disability Commission 0800 112 233