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Our Aspirations

Our sustainability strategic plan is underpinned by nine sustainability aspirations [categories] in the areas of  Health & Wellbeing, Nature, Energy, Water, Waste, Community, Employment, Conversation and Innovation.

Health & Wellbeing

People are at the heart of our business. we take a holistic approach to health & wellbeing from the built environment to care and support.


We are committed to protecting our environment. We work with nature to enrich biodiversity and reduce our impact.


We are committed to reduce our carbon footprint by systematically deploying energy saving measures and promoting renewable energy.


Water is vital for the health of our environment and communities. We prioritise water conservation and seize unrealised opportunities for the collection, storage, conservation and use of water.


We strive towards life without waste and eliminate waste from our daily operations and supply chain, committing to a path of continuous improvement.


We actively embrace and  engage with our community and directly support the principle of shared economic development.


Our organisational culture is underpinned by extraordinary social, cultural and professional diversity. We continuously support personal growth with the goal of offering motivating and rewarding career opportunities.


Through our commitments, education and collaboration, we involve stakeholders and partners in our sustainability aspirations and integrate them into a responsibility process


We strive to lead and create best practice. Sustainability is integrated into our operating procedures and organisational culture.